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Daniel Scheimberg - Biography

Originally from Denver, Colorado, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communications/ Film + Media Arts from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2003, I set my sights on Berlin. Why Berlin? Well, it all goes back to me changing my minor in college to German, after realizing computer science wasn't my thing. Well, really it goes back to getting the tip of my thumb cut off on a fishing boat in Alaska. That’s a whole other story I probably shouldn’t go into on a professional website. Suffice it to say, I studied Film and German in college and after attending the Goethe Institut to pick-up my last credits to graduate, I ended up sticking around after falling in with an actor collective in 2003.

The plan was to shoot a filmed Adaptation of the Chekov play "The Seagull" at a former Stasi bungalow resort in Neubrandenburg. With my Mac laptop and Final Cut Pro in tow, I spent the next 6 months sleeping on the couches of actors, and working together with Austrian director, Gilbert Beronneau to complete the film. The following year, I was back, and this time for good. The Berlin/Brandenburg Mediaboard funded the next film,"Lunik" about an ensemble of utopian squatters in a former hotel in Eisenhüttenstadt. So, with these first two projects, I managed to get a foothold here. The following decade, I would hone my skills as an editor, cutting several feature films, and working as an assistant editor on such Babelsberg productions as "The Reader" in 2008, "Pandorum" in 2009, "Hanna" in 2010, and most recently, "Renegades" in 2016.

Another highlight would be the film "Love Songs for Scumbags" a feature film I produced and edited along with writer/director and long-time friend, Phillip Duncan. Phillip was an underground folk-artist from Denver, who I brought out here to shoot his anti-biography, a re-imagined family history as an ex-GI who comes to berlin to get his screenplay made. We completed the film in 2012, just several weeks before he died of a Heart attack. The years it took to make that film, and the entire process, was one my most formative experiences. I would later work as an editor on our co-producer, Christian Frosch's film "Rough Road Ahead" (Von Jetzt an kein zurück) for which I was co-nominated for best editing by the German Film Critics association. Most recently I have been cutting the successful Amazon series "The glory is gone" (Der Lack ist ab) by Kai Wiesinger. For a more detailed look, feel free to see the showcase ,